Design Parade Toulon 2021: the comeback

04 Llewellyn CHUPIN 2 copie

This year, American Vintage heads to Design Parade in Toulon to award the winners of the “Interior Design” category. 


Cover photo: Llewellyn Chupin, finalist of Design Parade 2021.


Showcasing new design frontrunners

For four years now, we have partnered with the Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories. And, because this youth-supporting approach is meant to be long-term, we also award a prize at Design Parade Toulon. This will be our second time doing so, after participating in the first edition in 2019. Like Céline Thibault and Géraud Pellotiero, grand prize winners in 2019, this year’s winners will receive a grant, but also the invitation to design and furnish a selection of our stores throughout France. A unique way of expressing the scale of their creativity


Finalists with eclectic styles

Amongst a selection of competitors, 10 young designers (or designer duos) are the lucky finalists of this 2021 edition of Design Parade Toulon. They will have the chance to present their respective universes during the festival. 


Meet the 10 finalists


1. Floriane Bande (Belgium)


2. Marc-Antoine Biehler and Amaury Graveleine (France)


3. Aleja Castellanos and François Leite (France, Colombia)


4. Llewelyn Chupin (France)


5. Andrea Techer and Guillaume Fabbri (France)


6. Alex Grandidier and Marie Baudu (France)


7. Capucine Guhur (France)


8. Edgar Jayet and Victor Fleury (France)


9. Clémence Plumelet and Geoffrey Pascal (France)


10. Anna Talec and Julie Brugier (France)


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