El Born, the coolest neighbourhood of Barcelona, with Belen Hostalet

Ultra-inventive Spanish content creator Belén Hostalet specialises in fashion and travel. Today, she gives us a tour of El Born, one of her favourite Barcelona neighbourhoods. Fun fact: the American Vintage spring-summer 2022 campaign was also shot here in the capital of Catalonia…

In the photos, Belén is wearing: a TINEBOROW jacket, TINEBOROW jeans and a JACKSONVILLE tank top.


How would you describe El Born? Why make a stop there during a trip to Barcelona? 

El Born is one of the most beautiful and Bohemian neighbourhoods of Barcelona. I love wandering its little streets without a map, getting lost and finding little shops and local restaurants that are real treasures. In addition to being a very trendy neighbourhood (especially right now), it’s also a place where you can admire the architecture. It’s home to some iconic structures, such as the Santa Maria del Mar church.



You got the chance to discover the new American Vintage store in the area. What did you think? 

I was surprised as soon as I entered. It’s a very charming shop, flooded with light, which really showcases the American Vintage clothing. The brand universe is perfectly interpreted. I fell in love with the central counter, a vintage piece.


What spots do you recommend in El Born?

If you’re not familiar with the neighbourhood, take Santa Maria del Mar to avoid getting lost. But it’s an area with lots of little streets that will amaze you. You have to stop at the American Vintage shop and then you can hit a specialised café (there are a lot of them) and Benzina: DE-LI-CIOUS.



How would you describe the El Born neighbourhood in three words?

Bohemian. Eclectic. Energetic.


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