In the suitcase of … the radiant and sporty Alice Pilate

Alice, a Parisian Pilates instructor, lights up the room with her bubbly personality and sunny temperament. In love with travel and fashion, she spontaneously opened up her suitcase (or rather her weekend bag) for us.

Photos: Alice Pilate

Do you travel with a suitcase or a backpack?
It depends! Sometimes I travel with a backpack and sometimes with a full suitcase so I can throw my looks together on the spur of the moment. For short weekends, my lightweight vintage Longchamp weekend bag is all I need.

What are the three must-have pieces in your weekend bag?
A pair of jeans, a white top and a flowing dress. Those are my basics.

In the photos, Alice is wearing the XYBAY sweatshirt and XYBAY shorts

Do you prepare your outfits in advance or do you prefer to improvise once you arrive?
I take my favourite pieces and I improvise. It’s too complicated to decide beforehand. And I often pack at the last minute with this same idea of staying spontaneous.

What’s your airplane outfit?
It’s generally pretty classic: jeans and a sweatshirt, to stay comfortable.

What are your favourite American Vintage pieces when you travel?
Off the top of my head, I’d say
JACKSONVILLE tops, SONOMA T-shirts and HAPYLIFE sweats. Comfortable and timeless. 

In the photo, Alice is wearing an AKSUN t-shirt and ODUROCK trousers for men

Do you have any tips to beat jet lag?
Most of all, I’d say stay hydrated and avoid screens. That’s essential. And get as much sleep as possible before the trip. That always helps.

What was the last trip you took?
My last trip was to Brazil. And I’m super excited because I’m leaving for Ibiza soon!

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