Mr. Pastel’s tips on how to wear the HOK fleece jacket

Passionate about art (in its every form), Mr. Pastel is a creative who loves colour, inside and out. His latest crush is the HOK fleece jacket. Here are his tips on how (and when) to wear it.

Photos: Mr. Pastel

#1: With a bunch of colours

“Surprising, but true! You can also go simple and pair it with beige, white, black or denim. Personally, I like to wear it with khaki or blue. What I love about the HOK fleece jacket is its simplicity, but also the colour palette on offer. The added bonus: the material is ultra-comfortable.” 

#2: For dinner out on the town 

“It really depends on what kind of dinner it is. I’d go for slightly baggy bottoms in the same colour for a dinner with friends. If I’m meeting up with someone I don’t know as well, I’d choose something more discreet, even if they’re probably a bit familiar with my style!” 

#3: Monochrome version  

“I generally don’t place much importance on materials. What I do pay attention to is roomy cuts and how pieces interact. This is the case for all colours, really: I don’t think orange is an exception. However, I’d be careful with neon orange, which can be aggressive on the eyes.”

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