Style: 3 (fashionable) polar fleece looks

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Once worn only by outdoorsy types, polar fleece has now made its way to all wardrobes and can be sported in the city and countryside alike. Here’s how to incorporate it into your look this autumn/winter.

Option 1: under a coat

Sometimes you need to fall back on some fashion tricks to ward off cold blustery days. When the thermostat approaches zero, opt for layering: a Supima polo neck T-shirt, a mohair cardigan, a lovely and comfy polar fleece piece and a long coat. You’re all set!

The American Vintage match: the Ibowie sweatshirt, in ecru white for a touch of light.

Option 2: tucked into trousers

When autumn arrives, slip into a patterned polar fleece sweatshirt for a cool and comfy look. Underneath, wear a colourful body-hugging second-skin T-shirt for a contrasting accent.

The American Vintage match: the Tequio sweatshirt, with its high collar to snap open or closed.

Option 3: an oversized overshirt

When it comes to strolling through city streets on a Sunday afternoon, a casual style is a must. Thrown over loose trousers, an ultra-soft polar fleece overshirt warms you up without overheating you and comforts your body while giving your silhouette a relaxed style that’s more easy-going than a coat.

The American Vintage match: the oversized Vimbow shirt.

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