The AMV T-shirt, with stylists Céline Jeandaine and Olivier Richaud

An integral part of American Vintage’s DNA, the T-shirt is an essential that is constantly reinvented. Céline Jeandaine and Olivier Richaud, stylists for the Marseille brand, take us behind the scenes for a closer look.

Photos: Pepe Lobez for American Vintage

How has this piece changed since the brand’s creation in 2005?

The first AMV T-shirts were made of lightweight, sheer and soft Supima® cotton jersey for women and flowing slub cotton for men. Little by little, different versions filled out the collections: new materials were explored for a finish that was in turns more structured or more comforting in order to develop the tactile sensorial experience. When you put on an AMV T-shirt, it takes on a whole new dimension. Today, we have no less than 60 models for women (in 235 colours) and 45 models for men (in 158 colours). A lot of the pieces are unisex.

How do you come up with new pieces?

We always start with the material. This is what guides our desires and creative method. The process happens instinctively, almost organically. And then, we have the colours, which are extremely important at American Vintage: from the softest to the most vibrant shade. For example, the white T-shirt comes in several cuts and materials, but also several shades of white: optical, pearl, chalk or sand.

How would you describe the AMV T-shirt in one sentence? 

Céline · I’d say that it’s a companion that adapts to your moods and desires. There’s something reassuring about it.
Olivier · It’s an all-terrain piece that can serve as the starting point for any silhouette.


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