The Calanques in the eyes of Victor Fleury Ponsin and Edgar Jayet

In summer 2021, Victor Fleury Ponsin and Edgar Jayet won the Grand Prix Van Cleef & Arpels at Design Parade Toulon. This spring 2022, American Vintage gave carte blanche to the creative duo to set up an exhibition entitled “Peinture sur chevalet, dépeindre les Calanques” (“Easel Painting, Depicting the Calanques”). Interview.

Photos : supercontent – Agathe Senechal ; supercontent – Laura Perez

Cover photo: Amedeo Abello


How did this project come to life?
Victor and Edgar — We came up with creations that pay tribute to Marseille’s rocky inlets known as calanques, which represent American Vintage’s native landscape, backed by pieces that recall painters’ furniture from the 19th century. We were extremely touched by the immense respect that the brand showed for our work.


Photo: supercontent – Agathe Senechal ; Victor is wearing a DATCITY shirt and DATCITY jeans.


The prize was divided over time. Let’s start with your creative approach, Victor.
Victor — I questioned the immortality of the rock, the way that we could paint it and freeze it in time. As if anticipating the possible erosion by the sea and wind. I wanted to interpret this rock in four works measuring 1.8 metres high and 60 cm wide. They were then sculpted in the Atelier Tollis, in Paris, from blocks of white plaster.


Then, you had to think of a way to exhibit them. Edgar, how did you proceed? 
Edgar — It was important for me to give this project a form of continuity, while crafting furniture that American Vintage could reuse afterwards. This resulted in 2.0 easels, racks and pedestals in three types of wood: beech, sycamore and pear tree, crafted at the Atelier Adrian Augagneur.


Photo: supercontent – Laura Perez ; Edgar is wearing a ZUTABAY sweatshirt and SNOPDOG jeans.


The result: a four-handed project! 
Victor and Edgar — Exactly. We were really given carte blanche, which allowed us to explore the farthest limits of our imagination.


“Peinture sur chevalet, dépeindre les Calanques” (“Easel Painting, Depicting the Calanques”)
American Vintage store, 21 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

From 11 March to 30 May


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