The colourful world of Caroline Laguerre

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This Parisian-born artist expresses her dynamic pop style through her art. A visit with Caroline Laguerre in her atelier.

You started off as a film student. Why did you change directions?

After getting my literary Baccalauréat diploma, I started out by studying cinema. Even today, I’d rather talk about Éric Rohmer’s filmography than the Contemporary Art Biennale. Then, I studied art in Aix-en-Provence and Le Havre, where I obtained my DNSEP diploma with a major in Graphic Design in 2016. Now, I’m back in Paris, where I do visual arts and illustration. Sometimes I use manual techniques, such as acrylic painting, gouache and markers, and sometimes I use digital tools.

How would you define your work and your style?

When I talk about my work, I say that I create images. I don’t like being pigeonholed. The great thing about this job is that I can have an incredible variety of projects. This renewal feeds my creativity and I never get bored. Basically, I don’t really have a favourite subject. I can do landscapes, portraits or still lifes. My motto is “quality drawings, luminous ideas, modesty.” I’d like each project to have an impact, even if it’s seen by someone who’s completely near-sighted. And, at the same time, the details are the most important part for me. A contradiction? Yes!


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 What are your inspirations?

As a child, I was obsessed with details: a shoelace tied like this, a girlfriend who wrote her capital S’s like that, two colours side by side in my pencil case… The details of daily life remain one of my main sources of inspiration. Other sources are podcasts (Les Pieds sur Terre, Le temps d’un bivouac, Affaires Sensibles, Transfert), trips, conversations overheard during the trailers in the cinema and, of course, the artists I love (Zebu, Tara Booth, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Booba, Metronomy, Martin Parr and so many more).

Why is colour so important in your work? 

Colour has an immediate visceral effect on you, without calling on your mind. Most people are instinctively pulled to colourful things. That’s my case. And when I create something, the only person who has to absolutely love the result is me! I spontaneously started to draw in colour, without really thinking about it. Little by little, I realised that the composition of my images was linked to colours, kind of like the style guide of a brand.

Do you take a different approach depending on the material?

Yes! That’s exactly what I like about working on different types of materials. Each one has its own constraints and challenges. I love to look for ideas that spring from these limitations.

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 What projects would you like to work on?

A book cover, for example, a pattern for clothing or even the exterior of a plane.

Download 3 coloring drawings by Caroline Laguerre

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