3 bike trips to discover the Amsterdam region

Escape the crowded streets of Amsterdam, hit a bike trail and head outside the city to feast your eyes on picturesque landscapes. Here are three cycling routes for perfect day trips.

Cover photo: Unsplash


Weave your way through Waterland

Photo: @steefvdakker on Instagram


To visit this water-laced region, start by taking the ferry from the centre of town to Buiksloterwegveer in Amsterdam-Noord. Ride through the wild landscapes towards Durgerdam until you reach the village of Monnickendam, where you can see the old Speeltoren tower. On your way back, head to the lush village of Broek in Waterland before crossing the polders to return to Amsterdam.


Ride and picnic among the tulips

Photo: @brunogelsi on Instagram


Start by hopping on a train to Haarlem, just 15 minutes from the central station of Amsterdam. Once there, be sure to pick up some food for later in its famous market. Then, head to the Leidsevaart Canal, which you can follow all the way to the city of Lisse. The ideal spot to have a picnic while admiring the fields of tulips that stretch as far as the eye can see. Then, take a train back to Amsterdam after a stop in the student town of Leiden, where you can enjoy a drink beneath the Burcht Citadel.


Cultural route across the ages

Photo: @mourinamontana on Instagram


From the central station, ride east along Lake Ij by the polder bordering the Rijnkanaal. In ten kilometres, you arrive in Muiden, a former fishing village and home to Muiderslot Castle. On your way back, follow the Vecht River to Weesp, then stay along the highway until reaching southeastern Amsterdam. End your day by hanging out in the arty neighbourhoods and grabbing a bite to eat at the World of Food food court.

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