3 cities to spend the festive holidays in 

You’ve made up your mind. This year, you’re going to spend Christmas abroad. Here are three ideal destinations for a festive getaway, accessible in a matter of hours by plane, train or car. 

Cover photo: Elena Mozhvilo

#1: Tallinn, Estonia

As the festive celebrations approach, the Estonian capital dresses up in coloured lights to immerse you in its magical atmosphere. An enormous Christmas tree towers over the Town Hall Square, surrounded by wooden stalls selling local crafts. This Christmas market, considered one of the most delightful in the Baltic countries, overflows with decorative wooden objects, wool slippers and scented candles … As well as delicious local specialities, such as flavoured barley bread known as odrakarask

Photo: Hert Niks

#2: Hamburg, Germany 

Hamburg, a dynamic city in Northern Germany, transforms into a magical village for the festive holiday season. Visit the Rathaus Christmas market in the Rathausmarkt square to discover an array of local artisans. Then, reserve a time slot at one of the temporary ice-skating rinks, before feasting your eyes on the delicate lights of the Christmas tree on Inner Alster lake.  

Photo: Niklas Ohlrogge 

#3: Bolzano, Italy  

Why not head for the Alps? Set down your bags in this Italian ski resort, just miles from the Swiss border. This charming medieval town lends its picturesque scenery to the cheery Christmas markets of Collalbo and Soprabolzano. A little train connects the two villages, travelling through snowy woods and illuminated stalls. For festive holidays as authentic as they are unforgettable.  

Photo: @bolzanobozen on Instagram


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