3 good reasons to spend Christmas in Lapland

Want to spend Christmas in the snow? Yes, but not just anywhere! This winter, in 2022, American Vintage is organising a contest that will give two lucky winners the chance to spend four days in Lapland, all expenses paid. Don’t know much about Finland? Here are 3 good reasons to add it to your bucket list of countries to visit. Hyvää Christmas!

This year, American Vintage is gifting two lucky people with a trip to Finland. The winners of our first immersive (and unprecedented) experience will head to Lapland. On the programme: snow, the spirit of Christmas, unforgettable memories and snowflakes. And, of course, an American Vintage wardrobe in their suitcase. 

Lapland: the best destination to chase the Northern Lights

Photo: @isakssonnclaraa

You have the highest chances of seeing the aurora borealis in the Arctic Circle in Lapland. The best time? Between 11:30 p.m. and 2 a.m. What to pack for this adventure: an XXL coat, a knit cap, gloves and gear for the extreme cold.

A childhood dream: a visit to Father Christmas

Photo: @visitrovaniemi

“Joulupukki” (“Father Christmas” in Finnish) is said to live in the north of Lapland. Every year, Santa Claus’s post office receives over 700,000 letters and Christmas lists from children around the world. A trip back to childhood guaranteed.

A dogsled ride in the snow

Photo: @flarkenadventure

This is one activity that you can’t miss in Lapland! The sled dogs have never been happier winding in and out of pine trees in the snow. And you? Bundled up under blankets, you can simply admire the landscape.

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