3 tips from stylist Céline to choose a good basic

celine styliste american vintage

A basic must be chosen with care. Céline, stylist for American Vintage, gives you some tips to find the go-to piece that you’ll want to keep forever.

Tip No. 1: choose the material well

“American Vintage was built from a passion for beautiful materials. Cotton, but also jersey, as well as knitwear in its every form. This should also guide your decision. Something flowing, a cool texture in summer or a warm one in winter, a stretchy fabric, a soft and reassuring feel on your skin to feel comfortable at all times. The goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to create a personal bond with the clothing. This is the secret of a basic that lasts a lifetime.”

Tip No. 2: a colour, a mood

“This is a crucial choice that can radically change your silhouette. The idea is to create a perfect harmony that will light up your outfits. Beyond neutral colours, American Vintage opts for unexpected shades that soon become indispensable. Coloured jeans, pastel tops and bright jumpers come in unique tones for exclusive radiance.”

Tip No. 3: the soul of the clothing

“A good basic also has that extra something. It has a bold character beneath its everyday appearance. A vest that adds attitude, a jacket that shapes your build, an oversized jumper that reveals a shoulder. An almost magical touch that is the essence of the garment and that transforms you a tiny bit each time, but without changing who you are.”

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