48 hours in Marseille with Michaël Azoulay

Michaël Azoulay, founder of American Vintage, grew up and still lives in Marseille. For the AMV Journal, he put together the perfect itinerary for a weekend in this southern city.

Cover photo: Florian Wehde

Day 1: Saturday

10 a.m. Coffee at Cafés Debout

“This is one of those old-school cafés, where you can drink at the counter, surrounded by the smells and scents of roasted coffee. You can also sit at a round bistro table outside, directly on rue Davso, which is pedestrian. It feels like a downtown café that hasn’t changed at all since the day it opened. The perfect place to discover coffees from all over the world.”

Cafés Debout — 46 Rue Francis Davso, 13001 Marseille

1 p.m. Lunch at Épicerie L’IDEAL

“I love having lunch in this restaurant/shop, where the dishes change often but are always made with quality products. The food takes you on a journey, while remaining authentic. I like to hang around this neighbourhood and take in the vibes of the rue d’Aubagne, which is right by Maison Empereur, the most traditional DIY store in the city.”

Épicerie L’IDÉAL – 11 Rue d’Aubagne, 13001 Marseille
Maison Empereur 4 Rue des Récolettes, 13001 Marseille

Photos: Épicerie L’IDÉAL

4 p.m. A walk on the Corniche, from the Pointe-Rouge to Malmousque and Catalans Beach

“I like taking a walk here to soak up the sun and make the most of the huge space of the Corniche, which connects the city, the sea and several grassy parks. I start at the Pointe-Rouge and head to the Prado beaches, then I go all the way to Prophète Beach and the village of Malmousque, before ending at Catalans Beach.”

9 p.m. Dinner at the Villa Rocca

“I really love this authentic family-style restaurant. There’s a welcoming atmosphere and Corsican music. I order pizza/salad/supions: a mozzarella-mushroom pizza, a green salad and a plate of ‘supion’ cuttlefish, the little squids often found in Marseille cuisine.”

Villa Rocca — 20 Rue François Rocca, 13008 Marseille

11 p.m. A drink at Gaspard bar

“After dinner at Villa Rocca, I end the evening with a cocktail at Gaspard. I order a tailor-made drink for a nice surprise.”

Gaspard — 7 Boulevard Notre Dame, 13006 Marseille

Photo: Bar Gaspard

Day 2: Sunday

10 a.m. Coffee at Zia Concetta

“I like to stop for coffee at this Italian fine food shop on the Corniche. Sometimes I stay for lunch and order a delicious tomato-mozzarella sandwich.”

Zia Concetta — 315 Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13007 Marseille

4 p.m. A stop at Sugiton

“On Sunday, when I get the chance, I go down to the calanques, the rocky coves, from Luminy to Sugiton. Depending on who I’m with, this can be an easy walking hike or a run for more of a workout.”

9 p.m. A film at Cinéma La Joliette

“On Sunday evening, I often catch a film at La Joliette movie theatre near Les Docks, a great neighbourhood. In summer, I might also go in the water and do some paddleboarding with friends.”

Cinéma La Joliette — 54 Rue de Chanterac, 13002 Marseille

Photo: le Sixième Rêve



Three addresses to keep in mind for your next visit.

Antique stores

“I love to go antiquing in the shops and antique stores on rue Edmond Rostand in the 8th arrondissement.”

Rue Edmond Rostand – 13008 Marseille

A concept store

“After getting coffee at Cafés Debout on Rue Davso, I often go to La Maison Marseillaise, which is right next door. It sells furniture, design objects, beautiful dishware and home decoration goods.”

La Maison Marseillaise – 38 Rue Francis Davso, 13001 Marseille 

A fine food shop

“I love this Italian fine food shop on Avenue de Mazargues, where I pick up pasta, tuna and mozzarella.”

Pasta e Dolce – 199 Avenue de Mazargues, 13008 Marseille

Photo: La Maison Marseillaise

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