5 festive DIY ideas

Everyone knows that the holiday season is the perfect moment to reunite, reconnect and spend time with your loved ones. It’s also a great time to challenge your family to get creative – and prepare for the upcoming festivities at the same time!  

DIY #1: Disco Xmas baubles

Photo: Fidel Fernando


You will need:
— an old CD
— strong glue
— transparent Christmas baubles


Get ready for a one-way ticket to the 1970s. Step 1: break the CD into pieces to create the facets. Step 2: glue them onto the baubles, leaving small spaces between each facet. That’s it! You can even fill them with a small piece of sparkly fabric to maximise the disco effect.


DIY #2: A mini-diorama

Photo : Jeu d’enfant


You will need:
— an empty jar
— fake snow
— white or silver glitter
— small animal figurines and small trees


This is so easy to make that you can let your imagination run free. Step 1: mix the snow and glitter, then pour the mixture into the bottom of the jar. Step 2: place the elements inside and sprinkle some more glitter and fake snow on them. Close the jar and admire your creation!


DIY #3: A button greeting card

Photo: Önder Örtel


You will need:
— coloured buttons in several sizes, preferably flat
— strong glue
— card stock paper


Putting this together is child’s play. Step 1: trace a shape (stars, Christmas tree or Christmas bauble) on the card stock paper. Step 2: glue the buttons on the paper to fill in the shape. Use a variety of colours and stack them up. This technique can also be used to make pretty (and festive) table place cards.


DIY #4: A photo tree 

Photo: Annie Spratt


You will need:
— Polaroid pictures
— postcards
— old photos
— masking tape
— double-sided adhesive tape


To create a contemporary tree-shaped wall decoration that’s full of memories, simply… collect your memories! Step 1: use the masking tape to form the shape of a Christmas tree on the wall. Step 2: cut out the photos and decide where to place them. Step 3: tape the photos to the wall and you’re done! The result? A one-of-a-kind Christmas tree filled with memories of the past year.


DIY #5: Winter oranges

Photo: Anca Gabriela Zosin


You will need:
— big oranges, preferably seedless
— an oven
— cloves
— cinnamon sticks
— a sharp knife

Slices of dried oranges can be used as decorations in your home or to infuse your dishes with their seasonal flavour. To make them, simply cut the oranges into slices about 3 cm thick and spice them if you wish. Place them on parchment paper and bake in an oven at 95°C (203°F) for 3 to 4 hours.


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