In “La Chanson de Prévert,” Gainsbourg sang, “And every time, the autumn leaves make me think of you.” That’s a good way to sum up the month of October: the days get shorter, the trees become bare and you start to take stock of your year.

But the sweet melancholy of autumn also has its good side… You can finally snuggle into your favorite sweater, spend an entire Sunday doing absolutely nothing and blame it on the rain. Better yet, you can listen to groups that are a perfect fit with the weather: raw talents that urge you to stay in your little cocoon, at least for an afternoon. The funk guitars of Parcels and the groove of Men I Trust set the tone, while the enchanting voices of Nilufer Yanya and Honne, backed by the nonchalant coolness of Kill J and MIYNT, keep you on your toes. In the mood for hibernation!