The Photography Award 2017

2017 marks the first year of the three-year partnership between the Hyères Festival and American Vintage. To celebrate the event, the House created a Photography Award, which was attributed to Luis Alberto Rodriguez. 

American Vintage has always maintained a close relationship with the arts. So it was only natural for the brand to become a partner of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères. For the 32nd edition of this festival, held from April 27th to May 1st, the House created the American Vintage Photography Award, with 10 finalists competing for the prize. These young talents were asked to present a print based on a selection of American Vintage pieces. The winner, chosen by the jury, would receive a prize worth a total value of 15,000 euros, including the commission of a fashion shoot for the brand.

And the winner is… Luis Alberto Rodriguez. This photographer, born in New York and based in Berlin, is a trained dancer. His passion for the moving body comes through clearly in his work. His shots reveal the power, tension, energy and sensuality conveyed by the anonymous figures. Whether nude, hidden or clothed, the human body is showcased like a work of art and blends into an enigmatic background that lets the imagination run free.

For the Hyères Festival and American Vintage, Luis Alberto Rodriguez shot the portrait of a smiling young man wearing a baseball cap, an orange T-shirt and sunglasses that hide his eyes. In line with the brand identity, the hero of this photo seems completely free, ready to set off on an adventure in the great outdoors. Luis Alberto Rodriguez also won the Audience and City of Hyères Award and works with many magazines. An artist “in perpetual movement, like his photos, in perfect harmony with the American Vintage philosophy,” comments Michaël Azoulay.