An artistic fall at American Vintage

All year long, American Vintage is proud to support the emergence of young photography and design talent through various partnerships and projects. Here are three initiatives that energised the Marseille brand in September. 

Cover photo: Say Who

#1: Colourful windows  

After last year’s success, American Vintage once again asked 14 artists to use the windows of 21 stores – in France and worldwide – as their canvas. There was only one rule to follow: express their own interpretation of childhood through their art. As a result, shoppers and passers-by can enjoy the creations of Julie Debezy in Toulouse, Manon Cardin in Paris, Lisa Koesterke in Milan, Aya Akbib in Brussels, Luna Filippini in Antwerp and Amsterdam, Alexandra Dedouvre in Lyon, Lila Lefranc in Cannes and Aix-en-Provence, Camille Mollier in Marseille, Melody Denturck in Biarritz, Donna Wilson in London and Copenhagen, Marc Majewski in Berlin, Perrine Honoré in Madrid, Blair Breitenstein in New York and Mary et Jiem in Lille.

#2: Photos by Chiron Duong 

Winner of the American Vintage Photography Award at the 37th Hyères International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, Chiron Duong was given total artistic freedom to immortalize a fashion series. Entitled “Eternal: Time is water flowing through the palm”, these works were exhibited in two American Vintage stores in Paris. “I was slightly out of my comfort zone. Winning the prize allows me to fully express myself here and to show that I’m not obliged to restrict myself to a single photographic style. I love shooting people I know and love. That’s what makes the result so authentic,” explained the photographer. 

Photo: Luc Bertrand

#3: Participation in Nit de l’Art  

Every year, Palma de Mallorca (Spain) welcomes Nit de l’Art, an art event in which the city’s galleries open their doors to visitors in the evening. In parallel, American Vintage asked artist Laura Rubio to draw on its store windows. Breakfasts will also be organized during the week to allow people who are interested to come discover her creations, which will remain in the store until October 1st. 


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