Brandon Davies’s Sunday look

2021-05-25 10.04.06

Brandon Davies was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Utah (USA). His passion for basketball took root when he went to high school there. After playing for several NBA teams (Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers), he headed for Europe. Since becoming a professional player, he has belonged to many clubs, in France, Italy, Monaco, Lithuania and Spain. Today, he plays for FC Barcelona. During a break, he took time to talk to us about his favourite weekend outfits.


Photo credits: @vausestudio

On the cover photo, Brandon is wearing the WITITI sweatshirt and the WITITI jogger in white.


Hello, Brandon! What is your relationship with clothing?

I like clothing. I always have. I started getting interested in fashion in high school. Already, at the time, I liked to match my outfits with my shoes, whether it was to go to school or to hang with friends. Even though I pay close attention to details, I always make sure I’m comfortable in my clothing.


Brandon is wearing the PABLITO sweatshirt and the PABLITO jogger in dune.


Has your clothing style changed since you’ve had kids? 

Today, I want much more comfortable clothing, but I never compromise style. When you have kids, you have to be ready for all sorts of situations – and you have to dress with that in mind. The fact that I’m a professional athlete also comes into play: sometimes, I have to get up early to go to practice and I want to feel comfortable.


What’s your favourite piece of clothing right now? 

I love joggers and sweatshirts. I have them in every colour! I wear them in winter, of course, but also in summer. In summer, I opt for lighter, more breathable pieces. I really love the BYKERSTATE jogger, which I wear with the matching sweatshirt. And, ever since a friend gave me an American Vintage T-shirt for my birthday, I’ve been spending my time in the store, buying all the comfy pieces I can find.


What’s a typical Sunday like for you? 

When I’m not practicing, I like to relax. I make the most of these breaks to spend time with my family. That’s really important to me, especially because there are times when I travel a lot and can’t see them very often.


Brandon is wearing the WITITI sweatshirt and the WITITI jogger in vintage camello.


Your favourite Sunday outfit? 

Comfortable clothing I can wear all day long. To chill at home with my kids or to go out shopping. I like stylish pieces, but ones I feel good in.

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