Copenhagen road trip

The natural landscapes of Denmark stir the imagination. The best way to discover them is on a road trip into uncharted territory, with friends, family or even on your own!

Cover photo: Luca Herrmann


Stop #1: Copenhagen

Photo: Amandine Lerbscher

Once you cross the bridge that separates it from Malmö, Copenhagen stands out like a real-life postcard. You’ll love the relaxed lifestyle of the locals. To get around, hop on a bike – or a boat. Be sure to hang out in Nyhavn, its historic harbour, and feast your eyes on the many palaces of the capital.


Stop #2: The southern seacoast 

Photo: Slankekur

In Denmark, the sea is never far. It’s just waiting to be admired and get your feet wet. Møn Island with its woody cliffs and the bucolic twin resort isles of Lolland-Falster check all the boxes. First, the untouched landscapes. Second, the (extra) fresh air. Third, the farm-shops to eat local.


Stop #3: Odense

Photo: Oleksandra Tsvihun

Odense is the hometown of one of the most famous storytellers in the world: Hans Christian Andersen. Here, you can discover his inspirations in the narrow paved streets of this city with its colourful charm. Or at the museum (designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma) dedicated to him. One tip: remember to book in advance.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum — H.C. Andersen Haven 1, 5000 Odense Denmark


Stop #4: Aarhus

Photo: Julius Yls

Famous for its happy inhabitants, Aarhus is a don’t-miss destination, both for its culture and its architecture. The Latin Quarter, the Marselisborg Deer Park, a museum that’s semi-subterranean or with a spectacular view: there are so many choices. If you’re in the mood for seafood, reserve a table at Pihlkjær. You won’t be disappointed.


Pihlkjær — Mejlgade 28, Aarhus 8000 Denmark 


Stop #5 North Jutland


Photo: Prometheus Design


Leave your car behind and discover the Råbjerg Mile. Small hills of sand roll beneath your feet before you arrive at the tip of Skagen. There, you can visit its natural parks, its church, its submerged lighthouse and its migrating dune. Look in the sky too and you might see flights of migrating birds. A northern sensation like you’ve never experienced before.


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