Eco-responsible denim and vegetable dyes


Not only does the American Vintage offer continue to expand, it also becomes more environmentally responsible with the arrival of DENIM ÉCO (“eco-denim”), an eco-designed cotton canvas that requires less water to produce. This denim joins the VÉGI T-shirt, tinted with 100% vegetable dyes.

Eco-responsible denim canvas and vegetable dyes

Equally focused on style and the environment, American Vintage has developed DENIM ÉCO, a raw cotton canvas with a structured cut requiring less water to produce. This is part of a long-term green approach and echoes another launch: that of the VÉGI T-shirt, tinted with 100% natural vegetable dyes.

This isn’t the first time that American Vintage has tested vegetable dyes. In 2019, the brand organised a series of “initiation to vegetable dye” workshops at the 34th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories in Hyères. This initiative resulted in hand-dyed T-shirts and vests with unique pink or blue shades and washes, produced in a very limited edition.