Enamoura’s sun-kissed homes

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Cover photo: Enamoura L’Atelier holiday home — © Adel Slimane Fecih @monsieuradel

5 holiday homes + 1 sunny spirit = relaxation under the sun. Magali Avignon, founder of Enamoura, proposes Provençal getaways, but also showcases craftsmanship with a collection of handcrafted lampshades. Finally, you can bring the south of France into your home – no matter where you are.

Holidays. Love. Southern France.

Magali Avignon and the Lili lamp in bisque porcelain — © Adel Slimane Fecih @monsieuradel

More than a brand, Enamoura is an identity. That of an authentic Provence, at the crossroads of craftsmanship, art and hospitality. A collection of holiday homes between Saignon and Marseille, but also a boutique of precious handcrafted items. The very essence of Provence shines in these intimate spaces, filled with vintage pieces and artisanal creations — 365 days a year.

Some stones and a lot of light: the key ingredients of Provence
The Rosario wall lamp in white grogged stoneware — © Adel Slimane Fecih @monsieuradel

“I wanted to create a light fixture collection that honours the craftsmanship of southern France. Timeless objects reinterpreted with the know-how of the region. Pieces to keep for years and to hand down to the next generation.
— Magali Avignon, founder of Enamoura Collections.

The Enamoura lighting collection joins the precious objects featured in the different holiday homes. Drawing inspiration from antique shapes, they spark memories, but also represent contemporary authenticity. They are designed to be cherished for one or several lifetimes. 

Artisanal lighting creations handcrafted in Provence
The Enamoura lighting collection — © Adel Slimane Fecih @monsieuradel

For this collection, Enamoura highlights five workshops with various fields of expertise. Four from Provence: terracotta, grogged stoneware, agateware and basketry. And porcelain from a small family-owned manufacturer in Limoges, which works the clay and gives shape to these collection pieces. The different materials are then assembled by hand in the boutique-workshop on the ground floor of the townhouse in Marseille. 

American Vintage visits Enamoura
The American Vintage “Homewear” collection

For its Homewear and Mountains collections, American Vintage set down its suitcases in L’Atelier, an Enamoura holiday home located in Saignon in the Lubéron region. Here, vintage objects rub shoulders with raw materials. A sea view and a Mediterranean spirit? Check and check. An atmosphere dear to American Vintage, a brand born in nearby Marseille, in 2005.

To reserve a night in the sun or discover the precious object collections, check out Enamoura.

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