Fall/Winter 2017



This winter, American Vintage sets the scene in a wild landscape. Here, at the heart of nature, the pieces focus on a retro effect, dear to the house.


Coats are long, thick and oversize, fully enveloping the silhouette. Knits layer together to wrap the body in a second skin. While the stripe and check patterns remind us that the city and urban elegance are never far, the floral motifs definitively anchor the collection in lush, overflowing nature.

In terms of colors, ochre, green, ecru and brown recall warm, comforting moments, like an evening by the fire after a long walk in the countryside. For this stroll, women pull on a cable-knit sweater and wool trousers, slip their hands into fingerless gloves and snuggle under a wide, soft fringed scarf. Men ward off the cold by buttoning up a big merino wool cardigan and adding a thin parka and a pair of boots: the essential silhouette this winter for a refined and rough touch.


The design of this collection is both understated and sophisticated with its shapes. As for the fabrics, they are sometimes noble, like leather, and sometimes more primitive, like the heathered knits and pilled wools, as if the pieces had already been loved and lived in.

Nestled amongst the elements, the American Vintage man and woman share the soothing simplicity offered by the great outdoors. A return to nature in a collection that already seems familiar.