F/W 16 Women


This winter, the american vintage woman move out of the routine. Looking for fresh air and vast areas, she leaves for adventure. She invites herself in the heart of mountains and dives into a indomitable nature. A true return to essential.

The collection offers clothes for all lands, carrying a gross spirit. The figures are purified, the appearance is relaxed, a new energy emanates of it. Sport and nature, strong values of american vintage, are more present than ever in this trendy and feminine collection. The diverted technical pieces interact with the more retro ones with soft and spontaneous accents.

The season will be also warm and cocooning. The smooth and comfy sweaters transport us in an intimate atmosphere and comfort us in the wintry cold. A collection which authorizes a total freedom. The color palette remembers us this outside atmosphere. The shades are hot and autumnal: tile, ochre, burgundy, gold, without forgetting the essential military khaki.

Nature introduces itself into the urban landscape. The padded parka, hot and resistant, adopts a trendy and feminine cut. The voluminous and foamy wooly will wrap us up. Large pants allow us big strides. The wool sweat suit in stitch adorns a graphic chevron print.

Long coats, trenches or short quilted jackets, key pieces of the season, sign urban looks with multiple facets.

Some inspired trends, as diverse as controlled, leaving the american vintage woman free to express her personal style.

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