F/W16 Men

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This season, the american vintage man transports us in the heart of an alpin landscape. He falls in love with vast areas, in an invigorating atmosphere, but also with a comforting and cosy interior decor. A paradoxically fresh and warm atmosphere emanates, calling the return of warm and foamy materials.

The collection is thought as the closet of an audacious man, a little nostalgic, who mixes the favorite pieces of his dressing, reassuring, with new pieces more trendy and affirmed.A virile and very contemporary figure gets drawn, combining style and composure. No frills, the looks are natural and purified. The american vintage man is an adventurer, self-confident, nearly invulnerable.

The hot and autumnal colors dominate, still leaving the beautiful part to the heather grey, elegant as always.

The brand changes materials, offering us hybrid models: the sweater is trendy in its twill fabric, the traditional sweat suit in fleece is declined in wool, assuring a sophisticated and comfortable style.

In the spirit of a plural trend, the man will put his turtleneck jersey with a voluminous knit or a flannel overshirt. He will juxtapose his reversible technical jacket if the extreme cold doesn’t impose a big parka with a retro hood. The large pull overs interact with elegant folded pants, whereas the contemporary blazers slide under retro chevron coats.

Between modernity and authenticity, american vintage succeeds the bet of matching comfort with elegance.

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