Instagram accounts between shadow and light

Julia Vincent 4

Spotted by the social network, these photographers have turned Instagram into their playing ground. Raw or muted, natural or artificial, their work with light is visibly eye-catching.

Azim Haidaryan: humans in their every dimension

An inveterate traveler, New York photographer Azim Haidaryan is not content with simply clicking on his camera. Instead, he “constructs” his photos like scenes from a film. Filled with main characters, a narrative and a plot that you follow like a theme from shot to shot, his images are a concentration of bright lights, saturated colors and movements that celebrate freedom. Regularly commissioned by the worldwide press, his work graces the pages of Vanity Fair, Vogue and T Magazine, amongst others.

Discover his Instagram account: @azimhaidaryan

Julia and Vincent: 80s aura

Faithful to their kitsch esthetic, overflowing with moments of daily life and glam, the Julia et Vincent artistic direction studio, composed of French creatives Julia Stoltz and Vincent Girardot, shakes up the cool Parisian scene. Working in audiovisual production (they’re behind the excellent video “Le Code” for Myth Syzer with Ichon, Bonnie Banane and Muddy Monk) and photography, their Instagram account is packed with colorful treasures, perfectly enhanced with hype Gaussian blur.

Discover their Instagram account: @juliaetvincent

Alessio Albi: portrait time

A superstar photographer represented by the prestigious Condé Nast Social Talent Agency, Italian Alessio Albi rapidly made a name for himself with his vibrant, deep and luminous portraits. Influenced by his background as an illustrator and painter, his images are experienced like works of art: with poetry, gentleness and tenderness. Bathed in light, his effects of shadows reveal the bucolic side of a world in which lush, graphic vegetation comes head on with human faces.

Discover his Instagram account: @alessioalbi