Mother’s and Father’s Day: 5 DIY kids’ projects

In June, we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – and this year is no exception. This is a great opportunity to take some (family) time together and get crafty with very personal creations. Here are five ideas to get you started. 

Cover photo: Jonas Unger for American Vintage SS23

DIY #1: A message mug

Photo: © NorthWood Themes

– A white cup
– Permanent porcelain markers

To create a personal design, let your imagination do the talking. Start by writing “mum” or “dad” in the centre, then let your kids do the rest. Opt for lots of colours for an eye-catching result.

DIY #2: A photo frame with wooden sticks

– Wooden sticks
– Water-based paint
– A paint palette
– Different-sized brushes
– Liquid glue
– A piece of cardboard
– A family photo

Place the photo in the centre of the cardboard, making sure to leave 3 to 5 centimetres of cardboard all around the photo. Then, glue the sticks around the photo to create a frame. Finally, get creative: paint the sticks in a single colour or alternate different shades.

DIY #3: A colourful cushion

Photo: © Ryan Ancill, via Unsplash

– A white zipped cushion cover
– Cushion stuffing
– A pencil
– Permanent markers

Start by tracing your drawing with a pencil. Then, colour in with markers. When your design is finished, stuff the cushion. And now you can display your artwork in the play area!

DIY #4: A customised tote bag

Photo: © Ginny Rose Stewart via Unsplash

– A canvas bag
– A pencil
– Permanent markers
– Pins

Decide on your design. Choose a text or a drawing – or both. Sketch your design with a pencil, then trace over it with permanent markers. Add some pins and ta-da!

DIY #5: An ultra-practical bookmark

Photo: kbPhotographieDesign via Etsy

– A sheet of heavyweight white paper
– Coloured pencils
– Stickers
– A hole punch
– A ribbon

Cut a strip of white paper and draw your design on it. Add stickers, then punch a hole at the top and tie a coloured ribbon on it. All done! Now you can slip this lovely bookmark into whatever book you’re reading at the moment.

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