Redecorate your walls with these 4 artists


Let’s face it: we’ve all spent a little more time at home than we planned… To spruce things up, here are some colourful creations or pastel universes in miniature or A3 formats to decorate your walls, doors or other flat (vertical and empty) surfaces. With their soothing patterns, sunny shades and carefree moods, these four artists take us on a journey… in the comfort of our own home. 


Cover photo: @benjaminrolland on Instagram


Émilie Sarnel’s colourful food

With her neon hues and white outlines, Émilie Sarnel injects colour into urban landscapes and everyday food. On the menu: hot sauce and oysters against a royal blue and magenta pink background. We can already picture them on our kitchen door.

Follow her on Instagram: @emiliesarnel


Benjamin Rolland’s happy jumble

A clever balance of arms, flowerpots, twisting bodies, cats going by and objects cheerfully piled up, which Benjamin Rolland traces against a white or colourful background. Frescoes of life to discover soon on our American Vintage men’s store windows in Lyon. See you there (3-5, Rue Jean de Tournes)!

Follow him on Instagram: @benjaminrolland


Mersea People’s blue waves

Behind Mersea People, we find Dorothée, AKA Dothy, based in coastal Quiberon. It comes as no surprise that the sea, which has surrounded her since childhood, plays a starring role in her graphic designs. The marine atmosphere and sea spray come to life in her porcelain pieces and silkscreens. Waves unfurl in careful lines and surfer girls transform into modern sirens…

Follow her on Instagram: @mersea_people


Sebastian Sochan’s abstract rugs

You can now add a soft touch to your walls (literally) with Sebastian Sochan’s creations. This London-based artist composes creative rugs infused with gentle colours and abstract motifs that he hand-tufts. A little island of cosiness to hang above your bookshelves.

Follow him on Instagram: @imnotu


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