S/S 2017 Women


As the sun makes its comeback, the American Vintage woman is filled with a new desire for freedom. inside her, a fire blazes bright, urging her to cross the oceans and explore faraway lands. she travels through time to discover america.

Setting down her bags in new york, she opts for a working girl outfit, without straying from her distinctive simplicity. cotton jersey pieces play with volume and transparency. Llowing shapes and smooth materials in white, chalk or petrol blue take over the urban landscape. At nightfall, she chooses a more casual look: an oversized shirt dress with a contemporary take on lingerie for a deliberately laidback feel.


The road trip continues in Kansas, where she reveals her more wild and sensual side, with a hint of rebellion. Her sensitivity shows in the authentic, natural materials and loose cuts. Thick, textured retro knits layer over smoother fabrics in a harmony of soft, warm colors. Midwest pinks and beiges mix with tangerine shades, while floral and geometric prints add a bohemian 70s touch to the collection.

Finally, in California, the American Vintage woman rediscovers her lively and energized teen essence. She rummages through the second-hand shops of Los Angeles in search of urban and old school pieces. She pulls her fleece trench coat over worn jeans and a striped cotton crop tank top. A subtle mix of homewear and sportswear. Raw and natural cotton materials in washed, faded, almost sun-bleached colors dress up her silhouette, ready to follow her every move. Stripes, the star print of the season, come in different shades and sizes to boost all outfits.

Both urban and natural, the American Vintage woman of summer 2017 indulges in a wardrobe with multiple facets, giving full expression to every aspect of her personality.