Stylist Marion spotlights 5 pieces that go with everything

Looking for pieces that you can keep forever? For those of you dreaming of timeless essentials, American Vintage stylist Marion reveals her star clothing.

A simple white T-shirt

Tucked into a skirt or worn under a suit jacket, it adds quintessential coolness with its airy tomboy touch. Effortless minimal chic.

A flowing trench coat

Like a lightweight coat, it goes everywhere you do, from the mid-season to cool summer nights. Throw it over your shoulders on top of a dress, jeans or shorts for a casual style with tailored accents.

Tineborow coat

Homewear tracksuit bottoms

With a narrow trouser cut or wide legs for a more relaxed fit, homewear tracksuit bottoms are an essential daily wardrobe item. In a minimal fitted version, they ensure casual comfort in all situations.

Denim in its every form

Skirt, jeans or jacket… Denim comes in all shapes and sizes to match your every mood. With its utilitarian inspiration, it gives an authentic touch to your silhouette.

Radiant knitwear

You can’t go wrong with a heather grey jumper. Neutral and perfect, it injects just the right dose of brightness into your everyday look.

Damsville jumper

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