The coat, the new winter accessory


Personal yet on display, a coat accompanies a look during an entire season. A small part of oneself in plain view that speaks volumes about you.

“Wear a coat as you would an accessory.” This is the vision shared by the American Vintage creation studio and brand founder Michaël Azoulay. Adding a signature touch to a look, the coat becomes a personal item of clothing, closely linked to your personality and who you are, like a friend or ally. Layered, loose or belted… Have fun switching the pieces and the way you wear them, to match your every mood. Make a statement, stand out or blend in with these essentials revamped with the brand codes – always with a passion for detail, a focus on simplicity and a constant quest for quality. And above all, the idea that a piece you love should last a lifetime.

This season, our coat becomes large and slightly oversized to wrap you in comfort. Timeless, supple and unisex, it accentuates the finishes and noble materials that are dear to us. Italian fabric and wool, carefully sourced for their exemplary drape, cosy thickness and comforting feel, team up with herringbone, houndstooth and jacquard patterns that add their elegant geometry to the silhouette.

Jakebird coat

Dyed in our exclusive colours, the stylistic journey begins with the radiance of a mimosa yellow, winds through the shadow of a kiwi green, lingers in the tenderness of a petal pink and sinks into the abysses of a navy blue. As iconic as a white T-shirt, this is a must-have piece whose well-crafted details ensure infinite charm.

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