Thomas Lachambre, American Vintage videographer since 2016

Thomas Lachambre has created AMV films for several seasons now. He takes time out to talk to us about his world, his work and his collaboration with our Marseille brand. 

Cover photo: Thomas Lachambre

Videos rooted in real life
“I’ve always wanted to create things that are organic, real, authentic. That’s why American Vintage films are a perfect fit for me: the people we showcase play their own role.”

A longstanding collaboration
“I’ve worked with American Vintage for seven years now. When I started, we didn’t focus on the sound so much. Today, what we do is much more narrative, almost like a documentary. There’s no script. The casting is locked in several days before shooting. These videos are like little fireworks.”

Images filled with emotions
“For the latest campaign [editor’s note: FW23-24 season, which will be unveiled in September], I filmed several profiles over the space of three days. As always, I was free to film what I wished. The advantage is that the American Vintage teams and I share the same vision. We shot indoors and outdoors. The city also plays a role. It’s an integral part of the film.”

Human relations 
“I usually ask the people I work with to introduce themselves and talk about themselves. There are some touching moments when people tell me more personal stories. During the last shoot, for example, a young woman told me about how her parents met 30 years ago. A young teen told me about his origins and how he wanted to explore them. Put together, the result is no less than 14 hours of images, which I have to condense into 1 to 2 minutes. It’s always a challenge!”

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