Felice Varini – Mamo


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Felice Varini at the MAMO

In July, Ora Ito’s MAMO invited French-Swiss artist Felice Varini to Marseille to create monumental works on the terrace rooftop of the Cité Radieuse.  A free and colorful exhibition to visit until October 2nd.

The MAMO, the art center created by Ora Ito, has hosted a large exhibition on the rooftop of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille every summer since opening in 2013. After Daniel Buren two years ago, it is now the great Felice Varini’s turn to take on Le Corbusier’s imposing architecture and the 360° view offered by the famous rooftop terrace. The artist has excelled at this exercise for over 30 years, using architecture as the canvas for his works in order to play with the volumes of buildings and change our perception of them.

For visitors, the fun lies in finding the perfect viewpoint, which reveals the work initially intended by the artist. But the beauty of Varini’s work also lies in the infinity of shapes offered by the different points of view of the exhibition. All of these perspectives come head to head with the gigantic dimensions of the building, its whiteness and the mineral view of the Marseille limestone mountains in the background. Most of all, the exhibition offers an excellent reason to spend a weekend in the south of France and enjoy the Indian summer


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