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We met Sylvain and Aurélien aka Head on Television during the 69th FIF – in 2016 – where American Vintage sponsored L.A Maison, an exclusive and intimate home dedicated to the music and art.  The occasion for us to meet and discover some young and talented artists…

Who are you?
Aurélien Fradagrada & Sylvain Rabbath / Head on Television

Where do you live?
Paris, 9th and 18th arrondissements

Your background in a few words?
AF: Between the two of us, we’ve had almost every type of music training possible. From the conservatory to jazz school by way of the American School of Music. Since then, I’ve composed for films and theatre and played bass on the Saun & Starr tour, while Sylvain participated in various pop and jazz-funk groups before turning to electronic music and creating the Museum Studio.

What are your inspirations?
SR: Everything inspires us: a film, an exhibition, travelling, but mainly the people we meet.

AF: In terms of music, we get just as stirred up by classical music as by a Prince album.

Three words to describe your personality?
Head On Television.

What’s your connection with American Vintage?
AF: I already wore American Vintage T-shirts occasionally, but I didn’t really discover the brand until the Cannes Film Festival.

Your vision of the brand in three words:
Casual, chic, Hot 🙂

Your favourite piece from our collection:
AF: The basics: a good old Jacksonville T-shirt.

SR: The Funnysville coat, which I can wear on any occasion.

What is the piece you loved most from American Vintage?
The Derinaroad coat that Tristan, a friend and musician who worked with us on our first EP, wore to all the concerts.

Your song of the moment?
AF: Fugue State by Vulfpeck.

SR: The last album by Radiohead.

Your favourite city?
AF: Old Grenada in Spain.

SR: Paris, the city I grew up in.

Your everyday lunchtime spot?
AF & SR: Welcome Bio in the Bastille area (it’s owned by friends).

The icon who inspires you?
AF: We don’t really like the idea of an icon, but, as an artist, Prince has been a source of inspiration for us for a very long time. We were really sad when he passed away.

The tackiest thing that you like to do?
AF: That’s a question for Sylvain, who likes to wear sandal in summer, with socks in the evening.

SR:  Ha ha ha.

Your passions in life?
Travelling, music, good food.

What would you be doing if you weren’t Head on Television?
AF: I’d be the guru of a Guatemalan sect so that I could play the nose flute.

SR: I’d be in Aurélien’s Guatemalan sect so that I could put yoghurt in his nose flute.

The best encounter in your life?
When we met each other, ha ha ha.

A tip to share with us?
Listen to our new single 🙂

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