Sara Barcaroli


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Sara Barcaroli is an Italian photographer who moved to Paris 5 years ago.
She grew up and studied photography in Rome, before starting to work in major photography studios in Paris, where she gained professional experience in studio techniques. She has had a lot of contact with the fashion world, which has led to a more personal style in her work.
From very early on, she has been interested in photographic representation, and the way in which images interact and work in association, in diptychs, triptychs and more complex series. She likes to work with a variety of media – traditional film, digital photography and instant prints.
Over the last few years, Sara Barcaroli has worked for a number of leading luxury goods brands and her work has been published in Vogue and exhibited in various galleries around Italy.
She’s the one of the artists participating of the brand expositions during this year!

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