Tim Walker

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TIM WALKER in Hyères, Jury president, photo exhibition.

Phantasmagoric, dreamlike, flamboyant, endearing, elegant, playful, surrealist… How can we describe Tim Walker’s work? The words that come to mind are as numerous and voluble as his photos, which delight us on the glossy pages of magazines each month.

In past years, the festival has applauded monumental figures of fashion photography: William Klein, Saul Leiter, Peter Knapp, Erwin Blumenfeld and more. By choosing Tim Walker as its photography guest of honor in 2017, the festival continues to pay tribute to these masters. American Vintage is one of its main partners with the creation of the “American Vintage photography award.” 

Although Tim Walker was born several decades after the artists mentioned above, he writes a new chapter in this photographic saga. His internship at Condé Nast, and particularly his work in the archives of compatriot Cecil Beaton (he is even mentioned in Beaton’s biography), certainly played a role. Tim Walker holds this legacy, but isn’t content with simply maintaining it. Instead of referring to his illustrious peers by borrowing elements from their vocabulary, he draws inspiration from their spirit. He believes that fashion photography hands us a fantastic magic mirror. And if anyone can revive its luster, it is uncontestably Tim Walker.

As president of the photography jury, he will select 10 photography talents with the assistance of an exceptional jury of celebrities from the photography and fashion worlds. For this occasion, the 10 candidates preselected by the members of the jury must present a one-of-a-kind print based on a selection of American Vintage pieces. The 10 prints will be displayed during the entire duration of the festival at the Villa Noailles. The winner of the “American Vintage Photography Award” chosen by the festival jury will receive a prize worth a total value of 15,000 euros (of which 5,000 euros are awarded directly to the winning photographer), consisting of the commission of a fashion shoot

As for the exhibition, it is specially designed for the festival and, more specifically, for the Villa Noailles. Once again, the point is to write a new chapter in this story, not to confine it in a nostalgic echo. The aim is to expand it and, in the footsteps of Man Ray, Buñuel and their contemporaries, pursue the experiment that began in the 1920s.

Curator: Raphaëlle Stopin
The Tim Walker exhibition is sponsored by LVMH

Tim Walker