1 colour, 5 crushes: violet

This spring/summer, the world slips into every shade of violet. A colour that we find in the American Vintage wardrobe, of course, and elsewhere … Let’s take a look 

Cover photo: Pepe Lobez

#1: American Vintage violet

This season, American Vintage reinterprets its essentials in ultra-pop violet shades. In lavender for the ZOTCITY water-repellent jacket. Striped on the flowing SHANING top and shorts. In a neon version on the versatile WIDLAND trousers or a fig tone on the IZUBIRD plush joggers. Full-on vintage shades to pair with a whole range of natural colours.

Photo: Pepe Lobez

#2: The photography book by Deanna Dikeman

American photographer Deanna Dikeman documents the (extra)ordinary daily life of a family in a series of black-and-white shots. A book of “Relative Moments” with a gracefully poetic cover illustrated with hand-drawn violets. Memories and nostalgia collide with a beautiful creation that will strike a chord with everyone.

#3: The lavender fields of Valensole 

True emblems of Provence, lavender fields are now visited as often as old fortresses and historic arenas are. The iconic purple expanses of Valensole, which flower from late June to early July, caught American Vintage’s eye. These incredibly dreamlike landscapes are sure to bring certain paintings by Vincent Van Gogh to mind.

Photo: Thomas Despeyroux  


#4: Dishes by Bernardo Costantino

Copenhagen-based chef Bernardo Costantino puts every ounce of his creativity into the must-visit Atelier September. The result: recipes concocted around fresh and seasonal products, beautifully arranged on parma violet plates. Simply mouth-watering. Bon appétit!

Photo: @bernardocostantino on Instagram

#5: Prince’s “Purple Rain” video

Triple icons: the singer, the song “Purple Rain” (1984) and its video. Dressed in an extravagant outfit, the artist enters the stage. As the puzzled and then impressed crowd watches, he plays a song that goes straight into musical history. A hit that led to a musical film, released in 1985, which will never get old.

Watch the video (again)

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