3 good reasons to follow Pepe Lobez on Instagram

To capture American Vintage’s spring/summer 2024 collection on film, Pepe Lobez walked around Madrid with his camera. Here are some reasons why you should (absolutely) follow him on social networks

Photos: Pepe Lobez for American Vintage

1/ His approach to colour

Contrasting and vibrant. There’s an almost tangible sensation of warmth in Pepe Lobez’s photographs. Whether he’s shooting palm trees in Venice Beach, California or close-ups of teenagers in Vietnam. 

2/ His hotspots

The Villa Magnan in Biarritz, Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles or an abandoned beach in Vietnam … Simply put, he has a unique taste for ordinary beauty. And he develops this vision with each new trip and project. 

3/ His intimate portraits 

This Spanish photographer isn’t afraid of blurriness and movement. That’s why he adds an authentic texture to his shots, whether he’s turning his lens on friends or models for his many projects. You’ll want to dive right into his photos. To travel, to embrace emotion, to feel alive. 


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