4 looks based on the AMV set, with Élégance Masculine

Elegant at all times, Emmanuel always adds a few retro touches to his outfits. Recently, he fell in love with the AMV set. Here are four ways to wear it.

Photos: @emmanuelpcr

How do you give a twist to a suit?

“For a full suit, I like to mismatch the pieces – with white trousers. This is a piece that I love to wear and that has a guaranteed wow effect.”

Can you tell us about silhouettes that you put together

“It’s easy. Everything revolves around my two passions: jackets and white trousers. I like elegant and rather loose cuts, summery fabrics – like this cotton – and, finally, light colours. The result is pretty harmonious.”

How would you define your style?  

“A bit classic, with a definite focus on colour. You can be elegant, but still have panache!”


When it comes to style, what (or who) inspires you?  

“History, whether it’s royalty or actors, from the 1920s to today. I’m thinking of Clark Gable, Lino Ventura and the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip Mountbatten. But decoration is also an incredible source of inspiration, in terms of textures, materials and patterns. Often, certain pairings and combinations of colours give me ideas for my own outfits.”

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