Back to school in 3 colours


For the back-to-school (and back-to-work!) period, the shades of autumn/winter 2019-2020 waver between soft and bright, always in harmony with nature.

Discover the new creations for autumn/winter 2019-2020

Colour No. 1: mauve

Exuding calm and serenity, mauve is the standout colour on the House’s key pieces: a mohair jumper, an XXL puffer jacket… Steeped in poetry, it is reflected in the pavement and recalls the not-so-distant memory of warm summer mornings and wild garden flowers.

What to wear with mauve? Pair it with more neutral shades, like camel or off-white, or mix it with bright colours, like candy pink or mustard yellow.

Colour No. 2: rust

On a midi coat, wool jumper or thick knit cap, rust is the star colour: a must for your autumn wardrobe.

What to wear with rust? Wear it on its own, with pieces slipped directly onto the skin or over a La Maison AMV essential. Or team it up with black, grey or one of the other key shades this autumn for a bold mix and match.

Colour No. 3: bright orange

This season, the American Vintage wardrobe borrows its lively and upbeat colours from a provincial farmer’s market. On the programme: bush green polo necks, tangerine cardigans and peach jumpers.

What to wear with these bright colours? Raw denim or cream trousers for a softer look with a modern edge.

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