Crush: BFFs Simon and Sophie and their holiday look

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Simon Ngo Ndjock is a talent manager at the Standard Service Studios agency, which he cofounded, where he splits his time between consulting and artistic direction. On Instagram, he cultivates his fascination for visuals and lights up the feeds with stylish silhouettes and dyed hair, as the mood strikes him. With his best friend Sophie Fragonas, he shares a passion for effective, slightly genderless looks and well-cut clothing. As their silhouettes are always spot-on and rather offbeat, we decided to ask them for some tips on how to put together a vibrant outfit for the holiday season.

What is your relationship to fashion and clothing?

Simon: I have a minimalist yet sophisticated style. The end look is rather chic, even with streetwear influences, and pretty effortless overall. I concentrate on materials and textures, cuts and details, like a simple button. I alternate between neutral and colourful palettes, depending on my mood. The idea is not to overdo it, but to create an impact, while remaining comfortable in my clothes.

Sophie: Simon and I are both very basic. My style constantly changes and I mix comfortable and feminine pieces. In winter, I go for a cosy and rather tomboy silhouette with my favourite combo: baggy jeans and white sneakers. I also like clothing that enhances the body and I love accessories to add a stylish finishing touch to my outfits.

How would you define a successful holiday look?

Simon: The goal is to stay true to myself while making an extra effort with upgraded materials and cuts. My ideal holiday outfit would be a solid-coloured polo neck top with a suit: a fitted blazer and well-cut trousers. And, of course, my pair of moccasins.

Sophie: As for me, the holiday season is really a chance to break away from my usual vibe! I make the most of this time to wear ultra-feminine dresses and slip into something daringly sheer or body-hugging, but always with a pair of sneakers and lots of jewellery. Not to mention more sophisticated makeup.

How do you add sparkle to an outfit for special occasions?

Simon: The key is to go for a fun touch and a strong silhouette to end the year in beauty, that extra little something that adds some pizzazz. I like to play with original textures, a good cut and a visually striking colour.

Sophie: For me, that extra something has to stand out in contrast, like a flashy colour or sequins. The must is a statement cut, full of volume, with ruffles, balloon sleeves… A way of turning heads the minute you walk into a room.

Must-have holiday accessories?

Simon: Classic watches and necklaces always add a nice touch. And, to go out in the cold, you have to wear a thick red knit cap.

Sophie: Jewellery is essential for me, especially earrings (which I’m obsessed with) and rings to dress up your hands, as well as a chain necklace, which always does the job. You also need a lovely handbag, a key accessory.

The foolproof Christmas gift to offer?

Simon: I usually offer socks or clothing to my family for Christmas. One year, I gave my mother a dress and my sister liked it so much that I gave the same one to her too in another colour. This year, I hope I’ll find a gift that they’ll like just as much!

Sophie: It depends on how close I am to the person. When I’m not sure what to get, I stick with basics, which everyone likes, like a polo neck top or T-shirt. And, if I know the person well, a beautiful jacket is the perfect gift.

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