Crush: how to upgrade our small spaces


Architect and founder of Batiik Studio, Rebecca Benichou has focused on interior design and flat renovations for the last six years. Her speciality? Small surface areas, which she and her coworker Florence transform into beautiful and functional spaces that tell a story.

In 5 tips, Rebecca explains how we can declutter our homes and freshen up our décor in summer.

Tip No. 1: clear the floor

To create the impression that each room exists, even in open spaces, optimise the living room to the max, because this is where you spend the most time. The bedroom and bathroom must be as functional as possible, because this is where you spend the least amount of time. The secret? Maximise storage areas and follow a golden rule: put as few things as possible on the floor. The cleaner the floor is, the clearer the vanishing point and the more space you can enjoy.

Tip No. 2: lighten and expand the space with mirrors and materials

In summer, the ideal option is to visually lighten the space: remove rugs from the floor and heavy blankets from the sofa (which you can replace with airy linen sheets if you like). Add flowers and plants for a fresh result.

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For small homes, you can boost the sunlight by multiplying mirrors. They make the space look bigger and add tons of light.

Tip No. 3: for (long) periods at home, create more intimacy

If you can manage to do so, try recreating private spaces with curtains or drapes. You can also move your furniture, such as bookshelves, to separate the area. The key is to keep the space very tidy to have as much room as possible.

Tip No. 4: think natural and simple

Draw inspiration from the flats of Southern France with warm and natural colours such as pink and terracotta.

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On the floor: raw materials, such as waxed concrete, for a very fresh effect that lightens up the space. You can also try natural linen or sheer cotton curtains to separate the rooms, create shadows and form airy niches.

Tip No. 5: opt for vintage furniture and beautiful fabrics

For your furniture, choose vintage pieces from sites such as Selency and Le Bon Coin. As for fabrics, Nobilis and Qvadrat offer wonderful selections to dress up your walls and home!

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