Crush: Xmas with “The Adventures of Us”

Design, art, food and fashion fanatics… Sarah-Louise and Christopher are jacks-of-all-trades. She founded a digital strategy agency called The Seventeen Social Club. He composes and makes ads for the music industry. Together, they created The Adventures of Us, an Instagram account and a website illustrating their adventures around the world. We met up with these globetrotters to see how they’ll spend the holidays during these strange times.

You usually travel a lot. What makes Christmas an important period for you?

It’s one of our favourite times of the year, especially when we spend most of our time exploring the planet. We make the most of this moment to catch our breath, step back and take a break at home, surrounded by our friends and family. We started renovating our London home this year (@No.17House on Instagram) with some little changes that are rather subtle, but that make a big difference for our guests.

Christmas will be a little different this year. How are you going to organise it?

We love having people over. This lets us give free rein to our creativity. Meals will definitely be a little more intimate this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decorate the space and enjoy some magical holiday moments.

How important is family at times like this?

It’s essential, and so are our friends. Right now, we absolutely have to focus on the love that we give and receive and be there for each other.

What are your decoration plans this year?

We’re opting for neutral tones with some traditional touches for a slightly nostalgic ambience. It’s really important to create the right mood during the holidays. We want our home to be as inviting as possible with lots of candles.

What about the Christmas table?

We decided on a dark and romantic colour palette. Dark grey linen, burgundy flowers and some glints of gold to jazz things up. And, of course, crystal champagne glasses!

What will your Christmas menu be?

We prepare the same meal every year: a turkey with all the garnishes that go with it. We always include a huge cheese platter too. And it goes without saying that we end on a sweet note for the dessert.

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