Fill your home with plants (and do it your way)

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It’s great to add some greenery to your home. But it’s even better – for you and your plants – to adapt this vegetation to your lifestyle. For busy urbanites and those who want more than just a ficus in their living room, here are 4 tips for happy houseplants.

Cover photo: @conchicela on Instagram

Try other rooms

Photo: @vineandvintage on Instagram

In your bathroom, often limited in terms of sunlight, add a touch of freshness with a calathea, which loves the shade and humid environments. In your kitchen, choose a red philodendron to purify the air. 


Opt for original plant holders

Photo: @breez_lance on Instagram

Plants are personal. So they deserve a personalised holder in harmony with the energy that they emit: a marble planter, ceramics crafted or customised by artists. And if your shelves are full, try hanging the plants with natural rope or brass chains to dress up the space from the ceiling down.


Choose low-maintenance plants

Photo: @moss_connectgram on Instagram

For anyone who needs more than 24 hours in a day, opt for easy-care plants: spider cacti, succulents and aloe vera only need your attention once a week. And if that’s still too much, choose a lovely terrarium that does all the work for you.


Convenient greenery

Photo: @aokrps on Instagram

In addition to herbs, boost your indoor garden by replanting the chopped-off ends of vegetables that you cooked. This trend, known as regrowing, helps reduce waste a little bit, while allowing you to watch your plants come back to life before your very eyes. You can now grow leeks, lettuce, onions, lemongrass and fennel right in your kitchen.

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