Getting our hands dirty with ceramist Emmanuelle Roule


Her pieces are immediately recognizable. Edges that are sometimes soft, sometimes sharp. Glazing that is bold, almost pulled right from nature. Rough red clay that gives her creations a totemic dimension. Designer and artist Emmanuelle Roule, who teams up with the By Charlot plant shop this season, invites us into her universe.


Photos Of Emmanuelle Roule shot by Andrane de Barry.
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Emmanuelle is wearing the SNOPDOG jumpsuit (out of stock).


At the head of her own creation studio since 2007, Emmanuelle Roule embraces a 3D approach to objects. She focuses on volumes, of course, but also emotions, which she imprints into the clay before giving it various shapes, at times demure, at times theatrical. Her experimental perspective gives rise to voluntarily imperfect pieces. Above all, these “trials” illustrate her contemporary vision of the material. With By Charlot, she dreamt up 5 clay models, produced by two potters whom she greatly admires: Jean-Jacques Dubernard (in the Isère region) and François Roger (in Paris). Beautiful and practical, this collection is an ode to craftsmanship, handiwork and savoir-faire.


A glimpse of the pieces dreamt up by Emmanuelle Roule for By Charlot (photo: Benjamin Vigliotta).


Named “Ouso” as a tribute to Portugal, intoxication and audacity, her pieces claim their place in space, midway between decorative objects, artwork and utilitarian items. Inspired by her practice, we asked Emmanuelle Roule about her relationship to work clothing.


Ceramist, artist and designer… It must be hard to stay clean while you work. How do you dress on a daily basis?

I always have an apron, which I use for both painting and pottery making. So, it bears all the battle scars of my different activities. I generally opt for loose clothing, so I can stay comfortable. Working with clay can get pretty physical. You have to feel at ease. American Vintage pieces are perfect for this.



Today, you’re wearing our bestselling (and unisex) SNOPDOG jumpsuit. Why did you choose it?

It’s like a fusion between a work uniform and elegant clothing. It’s supple yet sturdy. I love it. I feel great in it. Plus, I need hard-wearing clothing. With its thick cotton, it stands up to every test. That’s what I love about this brand. You can dress well, in beautiful creations, but without spending hours choosing your outfit.