Three recommendations for an at-home flower arrangement with LECŒUR

Baptiste is the artisan florist who founded LECŒUR. His style? Graphic, monochrome, and asymmetrical. He shares three tips for turning your next flower arrangement into a true work of art.

Photos: @lecoeurfleurs

#1: Carefully choose the vase

“Just as a shoe must fit a foot, a vase must be suitable for a bouquet. The container is the visual extension of a floral arrangement. I recommend purchasing the quantity of flowers to suit the vase that you are planning on using.” 

#2: Consider the color range

“You often hear that you should never combine more than three colors. That is the rule that I apply to floral arrangements. You might choose from a warm or cool color palette, but avoid mixing the two.”

#3: Create structure through height 

“When you place the flowers in the vase, don’t cut all the stems to the same length. Insert each one individually, finding a place for it and making sure that it is visible, and clipping the stem if necessary. Some might find their place at the base of the bouquet, others much higher up. This approach makes the most of each one.


Bonus · Caring for a bouquet

“To ensure that your bouquet lasts a long time, trim a centimeter off the stems each day, and don’t forget to change the water. You’ll be surprised: some types of flowers can stay fresh for nearly two weeks! Take care of them and they will thank you for it.

A few words about Baptiste, artisan florist of LECŒUR

“After working in fashion – particularly at American Vintage – for many years, I decided to move to Marseille. Today I work from a little cottage on my property. I create leafless flower arrangements, usually monochrome ones. I have collaborated with AMV on several occasions, providing them with bouquets for events or the display windows of some of their photo exhibitions. Our relationship goes way back, since the founder of the label – Michaël Azoulay – has known my mother for years! Working with them is important for me.”

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