Home office: 5 ideas for an office space at home


While freelancers have already mastered the subject, many others are just discovering what it’s like to work from home. Here are 5 inspirations and decorating tips that will help you stay efficient and motivated at work (from home) for the entire self-isolation period.

Tip No. 1: choose a space by a window

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Unless you’re being punished, you shouldn’t have to work facing a wall. To enjoy the blue sky (with your eyes) and let your mind roam free (since your body is stuck), set up your temporary office near a window, glass door or veranda.

Tip No. 2: green plants galore

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Due to the fast pace of city life, we often neglect our indoor plants. This confinement period is the perfect time to care for them and to take the time to observe them closely and see what they need. Soothing and reassuring, they are the perfect additions to your workspace.

Tip No. 3: define spaces for each activity

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Even in small spaces, you can choose precise spots in your home for each activity. In main rooms, you can separate the space physically (when possible) or symbolically into a “work” space, a “dining” space or a “coffee break” space. If you work and eat at the same table, choose a specific chair for work and another for leisure or meals. Standing up and changing chairs helps you separate each activity and stay motivated.

Tip No. 4: organise your stationery

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Try not to leave your work papers lying around outside of “work hours”: before your “office” opens, your work should be out of sight and when your office “closes”, it’s time to relax and spend quality time on your own or with your family. Try reusing a shoebox or wooden box to store your papers, pens and notebooks in the evening. When your workday is over, put the box away and don’t think about it until the next morning.

Tip No. 5: add your personal touch