In the Poterie Ravel workshops

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Sisters Marion and Julie belong to the fifth generation of the Ravel family, which founded the eponymous pottery factory. These self-described “Daddy’s girls” carry on their family legacy. Interview with our favourite neighbours and craftspeople, directly from their workshops. 


Photos by Julie Liger
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In and around Marseille, introductions happen quickly. That’s how we discovered the Poterie Ravel workshops, driven by the authenticity of family know-how, just a few kilometres away from our head office. Founded in 1837 in Aubagne and still anchored in its native city, Poterie Ravel has manufactured everyday household ceramics from the very start. “At the time, before plastic was invented, most household objects were made of some form of earthenware. Today, we are still more focused on utility than decoration,” explains Marion. 



Between the plates, pitchers and enormous platters, Poteries Ravel ceramics invite the Mediterranean into our homes. Which makes sense, because the sea basin is the cradle of pottery (and the sea is just minutes from the workshops). “A lot of the products that we produce today come from the Mediterranean art of living. Earthenware jars to store seeds, jugs, terracotta ‘gargoulette’ jars to carry water, glazed ‘tian’ serving bowls as basins… We still make these timeless products with the same pleasure.”

To create its 100% local objects, Poterie Ravel does everything in-house in its workshops. It all happens in this magical place: from the design of the object to the tool implementation to the actual production. “It’s a unique setting, where time seems to stand still. It’s like a village with its courtyard, its little cats and its fountain, where you run into potters and moulders whose arms are full of clay.”



At AMV, we were won over by this authentic craftsmanship and the sizes of their garden vases and planters (another speciality of theirs). In their workshops, we chose pottery of different shapes, some imposing and others reassuring, to showcase them in our windows like earthenware totems. Creations from a little piece of paradise that we are proud to welcome into our stores.

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