In the suitcase of … style-master Dara Lucas

Stylist Dara Lucas splits his time between Hamburg and Kassel, in Germany, but his job often takes him abroad. On his last trip to Paris, he opened his suitcase for us. 

Photos: Dara Lucas
On the cover photo, Dara Lucas is wearing the FOUBAY cardigan in melange parme

What does your suitcase look like? 
It’s really old and only has two wheels, but I’ve had it for 15 years now. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it has sentimental value, but we’ve been through a lot together. 

Dara Lucas is wearing the KARABAY coat in beige melange

What are the three pieces you always take with you? 
It depends on the destination, of course, but I always take joggers, my favourite shirt and my favourite trousers. There are so many pieces I love, so it’s often hard to choose.

Do you prepare your outfits in advance or do you prefer to improvise once you arrive? 
I throw everything in my suitcase a few days before I leave and then I improvise once I get there. That’s the fun part. That said, I always have one or two outfits planned in advanced, especially for specific events. I always leave a little room in my luggage just in case – even though I avoid compulsive purchases as much as possible. 

Dara Lucas is wearing the KOLBAY padded jacket in iguana and the RAZPARK cardigan in cornflower multimelange.

What’s your airplane outfit? 
I don’t really have one, but I always wear sneakers and joggers so that I’m comfortable. It all depends on the length of the flight.

What’s your next trip? 
I’m one of those lucky people who never suffers from jet lag, so maybe it will be Tokyo or New York – or Malaga, which is closer.

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