Life at the American Vintage HQ in Signes

At American Vintage, we like work well done. And this is only possible in a setting that benefits everyone. What is it really like to work at the AMV headquarters? We’ll tell you all about it.


Setting up the AMV headquarters in Signes, in the south of France, instead of Paris was a voluntary choice from the get-go. “At American Vintage, what matters to us is the motivation, state of mind and energy of our teams. This is what makes things happen. That’s why we take the time to implement real-life initiatives focused on the well-being of our employees,” explains Michael Azoulay, founder and CEO of American Vintage. Let’s look at the results in five key figures.



7: the number of dogs that enjoy the space reserved just for them on site, every day. In fact, you may have met several of them in this newsletter already.


15: the number of departments (architecture, merchandising, finance, stylism, communication, etc.) at the Signes head office. Every noon, they meet in the cafeteria, which we designed to be as balanced as possible with a vegetable buffet and a large choice of starches, for example.


150: the number of employees who enjoy an unblocked view of the scrubland every day. An idyllic setting, where we organise ping-pong, foosball and basketball tournaments on a regular basis.



8: the number of electric charging stations that we installed in the carpark. We also highly encourage our employees to carpool. We are in a natural setting, so environmental protection is one of our priorities.


100%: what we give each and every year so that every single one of us can feel our very best. And since sport plays a big role on our mental well-being, we’ve set up yoga classes (with Marion Perruchot), sport sessions (with Michel Mangeot) and training options in teams.



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