Meet creative Hollie Mercedes

Scottish-born Hollie Mercedes now lives in Amsterdam. Between an impromptu photo shoot and a sketch in her notebook, she takes time out to answer some questions from AMV Journal. 

In the photos, Hollie is wearing: the GIONY shirt in white, the AFING joggers in ecru, the HOKTOWN jacket in plum and the ZINACO scarf in lemon curd. 


Hi, Hollie! What’s it like to live in Amsterdam? 
I love the lifestyle here. The air is always filled with super-positive vibes.

Do you have any favourite spots? 
I love Vondel Park, where I walk my dog every morning. It’s a place that changes a lot, season after season.

How would you define your style? 
I always have trouble answering that question. But I’d say that my style is a mix of colours, Scandinavian touches, oversized clothing and comfortable pieces. I’m mainly inspired by my travel destinations: I love seeing how style changes, depending on the city I happen to be in.

Do you have any favourite American Vintage pieces? 
Of course! I love the loose white men’s tee. I wear it a thousand different ways and, what’s more, I share it with my boyfriend.

You travel a lot. What’s it like to travel with your dog Cookie? 
She makes me happy and makes me laugh all the time. I really love showing her new places, even though she’d probably be very happy just staying at home.

What are your essentials? The ones you always pack?
A pair of jeans, an American Vintage thermal jacket and a pair of sneakers – which I wear in the city and when I work out.

What’s your next trip?
Scotland, for the festive holidays. 


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